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5 Tricks To Help Form Healthier Eating Habits | Fox News

One recent Stanford study found that small portions are actually more satisfying than larger ones. Another found that no pain, no gain workouts that dont feel fun can trigger rebound overeating, which may cancel out your calorie burn. Bottom line: keep an open mind. Ive had dozens of clients say things like, I never thought Id ever be able to give up diet soda or I never thought Id look forward to cooking healthy meals but they got there because they had faith and hung in. Health.com: 11 Ways to Stop Overeating After Your Workout Find support One of the most critical steps in forming new healthy patterns is support. check it out Unfortunately our culture is set up to encourage and reinforce lots of unhealthy habits, so trying to change or form new ones can feel like swimming upstream. Just the other day a client told me he didnt realize just how unhealthy his work and home environments really were until he made a conscious effort to get healthy. To combat discouragement, stress, self doubt, or thoughts about throwing in the towel, find at least one person who really gets what youre doing and can cheer you on, or at least let you vent when youre feeling challenged.
News source: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2014/09/18/5-tricks-to-help-form-healthier-eating-habits/

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