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Food Babe?s Starbucks Attacks Draw ?quackmail? Backlash - Yahoo Finance

There's the catch. Hari's claims about ominous-sounding yet little-UNsed additives, including one derived from a external link beaver's anal gland, go viral. They also give critics ammunition to dilute and even discredit her message. Undue Attention Since the NPR interview, one critic writing online in Forbes accused Hari of practicing "quackmail," another compared her to widely criticized autism activist Jenny go here now McCarthy and one encouraged her to "choke and die." Because Hari sells ads on her website, detractors say it's in her interest to generate controversy in exchange for eyeballs. Choosing Food Babe as a blog handle has prompted some critics to say she is using her looks to get undue attention. "She gets on all these talk shows partly because she is easier to look at," Joe Schwarcz, who runs the Office for Science & Society, a department at McGill University in Montreal dedicated to sorting out pseudoscience.
News source: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/food-babe-starbucks-attacks-draw-040001826.html

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