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Google Fit Bulks Up Its Features With 100 New Workout Types And A Step-tracking Experiment | Pcworld

The new options pop up when you enter a new Shin Ohtake Maximum Workouts workout or edit a previous activity. By tracking your movements through your phones accelerometer or a connected Android Wear smartwatch, Google Fit spits out various charts and data sets to detail whether you're staying active. Select any of over 100 different physical activities when entering your workout data in Google Fit. The app update also adds an experimental feature that continues tracking your steps even if your smartwatch disconnects from its paired phone. Currently, if you walk too far away from your phone, or the phone's battery dies, the smartwatch loses the ability to count up your steps. The updated version of Google Fitis making the usual, slow rollout through the Play Store. If you dont want to wait, grab the APK . Why this matters: Google is making a big push for its new fitness tracking platform, which it hopes will serve as the hub for all your health and exercise data.
Full story: http://www.pcworld.com/article/2858723/google-fit-bulks-up-its-features-with-100-new-workout-types-and-a-step-tracking-experiment.html

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